Smelly White Flowers


Today was a great day, and it's not over yet! I'm at Manda's house, chillin. I felt pretty good today, and went to the mall with my little sister Kate. We walked around and got smoothies, and I helped her pick out some new jewelry, splurged and got myself a new nose ring. Then, headed to the grocery to buy a bunch of junk food for Manda and I. Pepsi, doughnuts and Doritos, hello sugar high!

I took my rat, Daisy out for a run in the grass since it was kinda nice out. She's almost four years old, and I realized today that I will be absolutely heartbroken when she passes. I know it's silly, she's just a little rat, but she's my baby. While outside, I went around picking some flower buds off the trees and when I got to these white ones, I took a sniff and almost got sick. They smelled the formaldehyde. How do I know what that smells like? My senior year of high school I took an anatomy course, and had to dissect a cat. It was a 10 day project, and by the end of that ten days, that thing smelled awful. (My project was pregnant by the way. Sad I know.) But yeah, I was so disturbed that something so pretty could smell so terrible.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. As I was getting groceries out of the trunk earlier, I pulled down on the lid and hit my Mom so hard on the head, she nearly passed out. I felt soo bad, I was in tears. She's OK now though, apart from the large lump on her head. It's a little funny in retrospect.

Ok, that's all for today, by the way, thanks everyone for the helpful comments, I really appreciate them :)

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  1. shonda says:

    Wow you had a really busy day. I am so glad that today was better for you, didn't i tell that things would get better in know time and look what happened. As for thoes flowers i know which ones you are talking about they are so beautiful but so smelly i love them and hate them. I will try and find out what they are called and tell you a little more about them

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