Daisy Daisy Give Me Your Answer Do!


Yesterday night I came home from hiking and went to give Daisy (my rat) a treat when I noticed she had a large lump on the left side her of face, right under her ear. It was really big. I've had rodents in the past that have developed tumors so I assumed that's what it was. I cried, because I knew that this might be the end of her long life. I tried to make her as comfortable as possible and went to sleep, hoping that she would go peacefully in her sleep. She was still alive this morning, and I could tell she was uncomfortable, she kept falling over and wouldn't wake up when I petted her. So I put her in her small cage, gave her a bunch of bedding fluff, and made her a bowl of veggies. I noticed she was scratching the lesion with her foot, and then licking it. So I looked closer and realized that there was some really gross stuff coming out of it. I wont go into great detail because it's really nasty and I'm eating ramen noodles right now. hehe. It looks like she cut herself somehow and it got infected. So anyway, I did my best to remove the gross stuff, cleaned out her ear and eyes. I'm going tomorrow to get some peroxide and antibiotic ointment. I hope she'll be ok for the night.

In other news, I haven't had a seizure for about 3 days now. I'm still having the shaking and near fainting episodes but I'll settle for that. Oh oh oh! I made my first meal all by myself today! This is kind of a big deal for me because my cooking expertise ends at the microwave. I made Onion baked chicken, and lemon zest asparagus. I put a little too much lemon and olive oil and the asparagus but other than that, it was reeeeaaaallllyyy good. I'm pretty smug about it :)

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Kick-Ass (hopefully). It looks pretty good. I'll post a whole movie review about it tomorrow night. I'm sure you're all so excited. :P Manda broke her trim and tire today when she jumped a curb on the way home from work. I love that girl so much, but I've given up, and decided if we crash, the doctors will find a way to save me. Haha! (I love you Manda.) Cory bought me the first edition of this comic book, its called The Guild. It originally started as an independent YouTube channel, and evolved into this big thing. If you're into gaming, you should really check it out.

Well, that's it for now. Gonna finish my ramen and surf the web a little before bed. Hope everyone had a really great day!

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  1. Mark N says:

    Hope Daisy pulls through for you.

  2. shonda says:

    I hope Daisy pulls through for you and great no seizures in a while GOOD FOR YOU.

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