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Okay, so my life derailed for a moment but as of now it's back on track. I'm sorry I keep missing posting everyday, mostly sorry to myself because that is something I really wanted to do. But my laptop has a virus, and even when I try to wipe the hard drive with the restart disk, it creates an administrator account with a password that I don't know. I think I'm going to have to send it back to the manufacturer and see if they'll fix it. Hopefully so since my laptop is still under warranty. (Thanks Dad!)

Anywho, today was a good day. I'm trying to eat healthier and exercise more, in the hopes that maybe it will improve my health and I won't have to rely on medication. I have to admit that I am getting sick of salads. If anyone knows of any low calorie/sodium recipes, let me know, I would really appreciate it :)

I went for a hike today with Cory and Precious. It was alot of fun. We got Precious to play in the river, she only lasted a little while though. The water was freezing and the current was really fast, it nearly knocked me off me feet. Then, I came back to Cory's and gave Precious a bath, she was filthy.

So yesterday I went to the Job Center (government benefits office) to see what was going on with my application for Medicaid. I feel bad having to rely on government assisted health care, but you would not believe how expensive some of the stuff is that I have to do. Anyway, they said it would take six months to a year for me to even be considered because of my application for social security benefits. How messed up is that? I mean by that time I was hoping to have found a solution and be in school and working.

So yeah. Here are some pictures from today I thought I would share. Hope everyone had a great day!

Cory and I being goofy

This really cool tree

Precious and I after she went swimming

My puppy in a bunch of clover and yellow flowers

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