quick scribbles


I'll make this quick since the last post was so extensive. :/

Reapplying for temporary disability, been fainting and having mild seizures, can't work, need money for meds and whatnot.

Officially enrolled in school. Still no mjaor, but leaning towards a certificate in photography, or possibly transferring to a career college that has medical information tech on a shorter waitlist. Still trying to figure out the financial aid stuff!

Kate is home, love her!

Joey is still in basic training. Get to go see him in just a few short weeks, so excited! Actually got to talk to him on the phone last wednesday for 15 mins :)

Just won a game on rummy 500 against my mom FINALLY! 250-565 :)

My cat has taken to sleeping with me, and taking over my pillows.....

Anyway, a lot coming up! Pumped and ready!

How is everyone else? Tell me what's been going on with you :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Extensive indeed! You are quite a writer, I kinda like this crowd here on Blogger. I got caught at your comment about the cat taking your pillow. My little guy sleeps at my feet now, but when he was a kitten he would sleep on my head! It was so weird. On my neck, on my face, sprawled across my hair or ear. Then he just kinda grew out of it. But it's nice, isn't it?

  2. Mark N says:

    Sorry, been away on vacation and had loads to catch up on. Hope you are doing okay. I've started having dizzy spells again, even though I'm on medication. The doctor has doubled the dose to try and keep me sane! Not much other news at the mo as I still have loads to do. Might be another couple of weeks before I get to post properly. Take care x

  3. Mark N says:

    Hey! six weeks since your last post. Hope you are doing okay.

    Maybe you are so busy with life you haven't got the time at the moment. I hope it's good things that are keeping you occupied. Look after yourself.

  4. Ophelia says:

    hi - photography sounds like your passion or maybe take
    the med tech and learn photo independently.
    sorry you aren't feeling well.

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