Boring Day.


Mariah, if you read this, I am so sorry I haven't written you back yet. I haven't written a letter in so long, I forgot I need stamps, and I haven't had a chance to go get any just yet.


It has been a boring day. I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to go through all my clothes. Then my mom popped her head in my room and asked if I wanted some coffee around 6 am because she couldn't sleep either. But she got tired around 10, and I didn't want to bother her by cleaning to keep myself up, so I just went back to bed. Yep. Now she's asleep in my bed, and I am sitting around watching The Office because I don't have cable. So that's my day.

So every spring, this bird nests in the dryer vent in the back of our apartment. It's really cute, getting to hear the baby birds chirping everytime the mother leaves. Oh! And there are alot of canadian geese around here, and we discovered two of them that were nesting in small shrub gardens in the shopping center down the road. One was in front of the Hallmark store, and it's mate would stand beside her day and night. The other was in front of Elder Beerman. We check on them every day, and sometimes bring bread. But the other day, we went to see them and they had both abandoned their eggs, and their nests had trash all around them. Someone had chased them off. I was more upset than I probably should have been. I just can't understand how someone could be so cruel.

So yeah. I'm just rambling.

4 Responses to “Boring Day.”

  1. Mariah says:

    that's ok. paying to send the letters is the one drawback.

  2. Mark N says:

    Good to have you back. I'm going for an MRI scan on my head tomorrow. I'm still getting anxiety attacks, dizziness, nausea and heart palpatations...

  3. Ambug says:

    oh wow, well i hope everything goes alright. let me know what happens

  4. Mark N says:

    Hi, just to let you know the MRI scan didn't shown anything abnormal. It's good to know it's nothing serious, but at the same time they still haven't been unable to diagnose exactly what the problem is. They've given me some medication to ease my nerves and stop the panic attacks though, so hopefully that will help. The dizziness hasn't been too bad this week either.

    I hope you are doing okay on your side of the pond.

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